The Plan

A Proven Formula For Transforming Your Sales, Profits and Cashflow

This book is NOT about using the next new sales or marketing tactics.

It is NOT about giving you theories and pulling the wool over your eyes.

it is NOT about you having to spend lots of money to multiply your sales and profits

Instead, it IS about your business growth and how you can achieve that with minimal cost, so

no matter how good or bad your cashflow is right now, if you follow this formula you will see the results.

The Plan by Amanda Knight and Steve Hackney

There are 5 key components to your business growth.

When you apply the formula in THE PLAN you will be leveraging all 5 components and multiply your sales and profits…and dominate your competition.

The book takes you through the formula and dissects each of the 5 elements to give you a blueprint to building your business as quickly as you want.
Then it shows you how to apply the formula in your own business and what you have to do to automate that.
Next it takes you through the strategies and tactics to maximise each of its 5 key elements.
Finally you will get a success formula for each strategy that you can easily apply to your business and WATCH IT GROW BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES…

Buy THE PLAN now and start your roadmap to success!